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single source purchase and ad exposure

simantea ltd is delighted to partner with TRP Research in developing a unique and innovative solution to collect actual TV/VOD ad exposure alongside purchase behaviour. simantea will integrate TRP’s audio listening and ad recognition capability (TRP Helix) into it's purchase data collection app (Clear!) to generate single source data for consumer retail purchases and TV ad campaign exposure. David Raybould, TRP’s CEO and a founder of Simantea said: “It’s exciting that TRP and simantea are partnering to create something genuinely new and innovative, we’re excited by the prospect of using TRP’s key skills and capabilities in a new market sector. The addition of media data to the simantea offer strengthens the client proposition by generating significantly more utility"

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a conversation with Finn Raben

simantea co-founders Luis Simoes & Pete East chat with Finn Raben (ex ESOMAR Director General) about the business plans to bring real change to the industry...

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